Hydraulic Tilting Type Melting/ Holding Furnace
The stationary type melting/holding furnace is used to melt aluminium ingot, scraps and chips for the casting process according to your needs. Equipped with regenerative burner, the furnace is economic for aluminium billet, slabs, rod, foil casting for casthouse.
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This melting furnace can be used for aluminum smelting or holding temperarure of  molten aluminum. Refining pipe or permeable brick can be selected for the treatment of molten aluminum inside the furnace to making the refining.

Technical Parameter

Furnace Capacity3-100T
Fuel Natural gas, heavy oil, diesel, generator gas, liquefied petroleum gas
Furnace Type Hydraulic Tilting Type
Combustion System Regenerative/High-temperature high-speed burner
Furnace DoorHydraulic Type/ Electrical Type/ Cast Iron Hinge Type

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