TFB Tubular Filtration Box
The TFB Tubular Filtration Box has a large filtration area, fine filtration precision, and stable filtration efficiency, which is an important guarantee for aluminium alloy manufacturers to produce high-end aluminium alloy products, and has been widely promoted all over the world.
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● TFB Tubular Filtration Box technology has been verified by practice for more than 30 years, and is widely used in the production of high-end products, especially in high value-added occasions such as can materials, foil materials, printing plate bases, and photosensitive drum thin-walled pipes;

● Use for producing the high-purity aluminium capacitor foil, light gauge foil, aluminium casing of 3C products, computer disks, traffic profiles, aviation components and other high-end aluminium products.

● The tube group with the highest filtration grade can theoretically remove all impurity particles larger than 5μm.

● The processing capacity of the TFB Tubular Filtration Box is 5 (0701 type)-80 (2803 type) tons per hour.

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Equipment Features

● A variety of design configurations to meet the process requirements of different customers

● Can provide extremely fine-grained tube groups, with excellent filtration efficiency for high value-added products

● Compared with other filtration processes, tubular filtration box has extremely high filtration area and finer filtration precision

● The technology is stable and reliable after more than 30 years of use and verification.

TFB Types

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