Aluminium Ingot Casting Line
The aluminium casting line is used to cast the molten aluminium into ingot according to your different requirement. The mold can be customized according to your requirement.
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The ingot casting line is specially designed for various different aluminium ingot casting, equipped with automatically molten aluminium distribution system, the casting speed is adjustable according to your needs. With casting cooling system and vibration design, the ingot casting line has high efficiency for casting, and the ingot weight uniformity is at great level and the surface of the ingot is smooth to have great appearance. With great automatic control system, the ingot casting machine can save a lots of labor and improve the production efficiency. The ingot casting mold is made of cast iron to have better service life and thermal shock resistance. 

Technical Parameters

Production efficiency: 1-32 Tons/hours

Ingot weight: Customizable 

Cooling system: Customizable according to production efficiency

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