Billets/Slab Casting Line
The Billet/Slab Casting Line is used to cast the molten aluminium into billet/slabs, include crystallizer, cooling system, hydraulic cylinder and etc.
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Equipment usage

Aluminum alloy melt flowing out of the holding furnace, after the refining through the on-line degassing and filtration box system, the aluminum melts flow into the billet casting system. The melt enters the crystallizer and is automatically casted according to the set casting process formula. When the billet reach the set casting length, the casting machine will automatically stop and finished casting process. After the casting platform is turned up manually, the base platform quickly rises to the appropriate position to stop. And the billet casting process is finished.

Casting machine component 

1Casting machine component

Main casting hydraulic cylinde

Hydraulic cylinder level positioning plate

Torque limiter

Hydraulic system

Casting platform

Cooling water control system

Water draining control system

Casting well fence and illumination system

Steam collection system

Tilting system

Emergency discharge gate control system

Main launder melts level automatic control system

Main launder melt quick stop discharge gate control system

Electric system control system

Main data display system

Sound and visual alarm system

2Production capacityCasting weight* daily casting time*days
3Casting methodHydraulic moving, inner guide, direct cooling casting machine
4Diameter5、6、8、10、12、15、18、20 inches and etc.

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