Furnace Side Wall Rotary Flux Injector
The Furnace Side Wall Rotary Flux Injector can work in the small operation hole on the furnace wall, reduce the thermal lost during the degassing and fluxing process. And since the furnace is sealed properly, the refining gas (nitrogen or argon) will fill the space in above the molten aluminium and protect it from oxidizing.
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Equipment Introduction

The motor drives the graphite rotor immersed in the aluminum liquid to rotate, and at the same time, high-purity nitrogen (or argon) is introduced into the aluminum liquid through the graphite rotor. The rotor of the refiner can effectively break up the inert gas into small bubbles. The bubbles are evenly dispersed and floated in the molten aluminum. The hydrogen partial pressure in the molten aluminum is higher than that in the bubbles, and the hydrogen will diffuse into the inert gas and float to the liquid surface with the bubbles, thereby effectively reducing the hydrogen content in the molten aluminum. 

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• Dehydrogenation/impurity removal/dealkalization

• One of the most effective molten aluminum degassing technologies, the first choice for high-end aluminum castings!

The furnace side rotary flux injector can be installed between two holding furnace and implement the degassing process in the holding furnace to remove the hydrogen and impurities. One device can serve two holding furnace which requires less space when the space is a constraint for equipment installation.

Equipment Features

1.The whole equipment is firm and rigid, and there is no jitter during use.

2.The flux feeding mechanism is made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, evenly powdered, and the amount of powder added is infinitely adjustable.

3.The graphite shaft is connected by block-clip, which has good coaxiality with the rotating spindle of the equipment and is convenient for disassembly and assembly.

4.Rotating rotor processing requirements are strict, good coaxiality, the vibration is smaller than other competitors’ product. 

5.The rotor shaft can run for a long time at 200 °C environment.

6. The walking mechanism of the moving trolley adopts special forming guide rail and self-lubricating roller, which is free of maintenance in daily operation.

7. Compared with the manual fluxing refining method, it can reduce the labor intensity of workers and ensure the refining effect.

a. Reduce the consumption of flux

b. Accelerate the melting of waste and intermediate alloys

c. Make the chemical composition and temperature of the melt uniform

d. Reduce or eliminate the use of chlorine or fluoride

e. Reduce smoke and dust emissions

f. Improve the safety and health of workers.

8. All the components use reliable parts supplied by Siemens, Schneider and other famous international brand.  

Technical Parameters

Refining GasPurity%≥99.997High purity argon or nitrogen
Pressure MPa0.1-0.6 Adjustable
Flow m³/h5.7~25.5 Adjustable
ElectricityPhase3 Phases 4 wires
Voltage V380V
Frequency Hz50Hz
Total power kW<15kw
Trolley moving motorPower kW1.5For trolley moving
Rotor shaft motorPower kW11For shaft rotation
Flux feeding motorPower kW0.25For flux feeding
Rotor bevel angle35°
Molten aluminium circulation1.5T/min
Hydrogen removal efficiency>30%(after 30 minutes degassing process)
Flux feeding speed0~6KG/min
Rotor speed r/min100-400Adjusted by VFD
Degassing refining time min0~99Adjustable
Molten aluminium temperature ℃640-850During refining

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