Launder Type In-line Degassing Unit
The LDU Launder Type In-line Rotory Degassing Unit is installed between the furnace and the casting machine along with the length of the launder. The degassing area is divided into several stages by using baffles to realize multi-stage online degassing and improve degassing efficiency. The number of installed rotors is determined by the flow rate and quality of the molten aluminium.
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Equipment Features

● High degassing efficiency, up to 40%. By using multi-zone continuous degassing increases the contact area and time between bubbles and molten aluminium. The box body is sealed as a whole to ensure that on the top there will be an inert space over the molten aluminium surface during casting, to prevent the oxidation of the molten aluminium from producing more oxide slags, to prevent secondary pollution, and to improve the degassing efficiency

● Using the launder to degas, the residual molten aluminium is less, and reducing the loss of metal. The maintenance cost is low, and the launder replacement is convenient and fast.

● Convenient for the quick changeover of alloys. There is no heating device and no deep box, so at the end of each casting, most of the degassed molten aluminium is made into products. And the leaving molten aluminium in the degassing tank can be easily cleaned up, which is convenient for the quick changeover of alloys

● Especially suitable for semi-continuous casting lines such as cast bar and recycled aluminium ingot production. Alloys are changed frequently in this casting process and high levels of hydrogen removal are not required.

LDU Main Types & Parameters

Item/Type LDU-2LDU-3 LDU-4 LDU-5 LDU-6 LDU-7 LDU-8
Number of Rotors2345678
Max. Flow Rate T/HR8152025303540
Max. Gas Consumption L/min90140180270360420480

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