Rod Feeding Unit
The rod feeding unit is used for the production of aluminum alloy bars, flat ingots, continuous casting and rolling coils.
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Rod Feeding Unit Control Cabinet Features

1. It can accurately control the addition amount of Al-Ti-B wire;

2. Variable frequency control of wire feeding speed, smooth operation of wire feeder, can extend the service life of wire feeder;

3. The touch screen is used for operation, and the human-machine interface is simple in design, convenient for parameter input, and easy and fast in operation;

4. Through simple transformation, it can be used to control all kinds of wire feeder, with strong adaptability;

5. Low investment, small size and easy installation;

6. It can not only ensure the refining effect, but also effectively save Al-Ti-B wire, with good quality and economic benefits.

Technical Parameters

Feeding material: AlTiB Rod

Rod Diameter: 8-13mm

Feeding speed: 1-2.5m/min, Variable frequency stepless speed regulation

Feeding rod number: 2 rods

Motor power: 1.5KW

Electrical control system: Low voltage componient from Zhengtai, VFD from SAJ

Rod Feeding Unit.jpg

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Equipment Configuration

1Rod feeder1 set
2Control cabinet1 set
3Rod guide tube2 pieces
4Technical Document1 set

Rod Feeding Unit1.jpg

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