Box Type In-line Rotory Degassing Unit
Hydeb BDU Box Type In-line Rotor Degassing Unit is usually installed between the discharge outlet of the smelting furnace and the filter box. The Molten Aluminium flows into the box of the degassing unit and flows out from the outlet of the degassing unit, that is, realizing the purpose of continuous In-line refining.
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Hydrogen Removal·Impurity Removal·Alkali Removal

One Of The Most Effective Degassing Technologies For Molten Aluminium. The First Choice For High-End Aluminium Castings.

The rotor is rotated in the box to break the inert gas, forming a large number of dispersed bubbles into the molten aluminium, and with the gas floating, the hydrogen and oxidized slaggs in the molten aluminium will be brought out from the molten aluminium surface to achieve the purpose of degassing and refining.

The BDU Box Type In-line Rotor Degassing Unit has been improved in many key points such as the box sealing, spare parts service life, and anti-turbulence on the surface of molten aluminium and so on, which will be ensuring the safe, high-efficiency, continuous and stable, and low-cost operation of the degassing device.

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Equipment Features

● Optimum dispersion of the process gas in the molten aluminium

● The max. touch area and time between the dispersing bubbles and the molten aluminium

● The box is completely sealed to ensure a stable inert gas environment

● The molten aluminium surface is smooth without turbulent flow effect

● Easy for Installation & Maintenance

● Simple replacement of the inner lining of the pre-fired forming degassing box minimizes production downtime

● Low Maintenance & Operatrion Cost

● Long service life of heater and heater protection tubes

● Long service life of rotor and shaft

 ● Cooling gas without rotor rotating main shaft

BDU Main Types & Parameters

TypeNumber of RotorsMax. Flow Rate T/HMax. Gas Consumption L/minHeating Power KWNumber of Heaters

Notes: Customizable according to customer needs

1. Three-chamber/four-chamber Degasser Unit

2. Optional degassing box tilting function, and whole degassing box tilting function (including the external flow launder).

3.The number of heaters can be selected according to different products.

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