HDR Rotary Flux Injector
Rotary Flux Injector is used for removal the alkali and inclusions inside of casthouse furnaces. This is the most efficient technology.
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Equipment Features

● The bubbles are distributed in the whole melt, which increases the contact area between the refining bubbles and the metal melt, prolongs the gas contact reaction time with the harmful substances, and helps to remove the gas, slag and impurities dissolved in the metal melt out of the melt surface, the refining efficiency is high.

● The graphite rotor is made of high-purity graphite. The structure of the rotor not only breaks the bubbles, but also makes the aluminium melt and the refining gas ejected from the rotor evenly mixed, increasing the contact area and time between the bubbles and the aluminium alloy liquid, and improving the removal rate. Air purification effect.

● The combined purification process of "Gas + Flux" reduces the consumption of gas and refining agent, reduces the emission of flue gas, and improves the safety and environmental protection of the operating environment.


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