Removal of Alkali Metal in Ladle
In order to reduce the content of alkaline metals in molten aluminium, such as sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), lithium (Li) and non-metallic impurities (such as carbides, oxides), to obtain the ideal removal efficiency, the most common method is to use chlorine gas, but this will cause chlorine or HCl emissions, causing environmental pollution problems in foundries and corrosion problems in building structures. At present, fluxing and refining devices for alkali removal in furnaces have been widely used, but due to the limitation of the area and depth of the furnace, it is difficult to provide the best treatment conditions (uniform melt circulation and reaction time), prolong the treatment time in the furnace and reducing production capacity.
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● The pre-treatment of alkali removal technology before electrolytic molten aluminium furnace refers to using the independent equipment outside the furnace for alkali removal before the electrolytic molten aluminium enters the furnace;


● The RAL alkali removal device uses a special rotor system and uses argon as the carrier gas to add AlF3 powder flux to the molten aluminium in the ladle to remove the alkaline elements (Na, Ca and Li) in the molten aluminium in the ladle and oxides.

Equipment Features

● Since the active elements such as sodium are removed before entering the furnace, the service life of the furnace lining is increased by 2 times more. The metal oxidation during the furnace treatment is significantly reduced, and the clogging and deposition of slag impurities in the filter are reduced.

● The treatment in the ladle has higher quality and cost-effective ratio than the treatment in the furnace, and it has a significant efficiency on reducing slag impurities and increasing the metal recovery rate.

●  This equipment is specially configured for electrolytic molten aluminium system, suitable for 2-14T ladles.

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