Plate Type Filtration Box
Foam ceramic filter plate filter box is widely used in the filtration of molten aluminium in the process of aluminium smelting and casting, filtering oxides in the molten aluminium, preventing particulate impurities in the molten aluminium from entering the billet and affecting the quality of the product.
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Most Widely Used High-Efficiency Filtration System

● A satisfactory filtering effect can be obtained throught selecting the right filtration box structure & the specification of filter plates, according to the quality requirements of the castings parts, the flow rate of molten aluminium, the total amount of molten aluminium filtered, and the cleanliness of the molten aluminium itself .

● Foam ceramic filter plate filter box can be used alone or in combination with Deep Bed Filter box and Tubular Filter Box.

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Equipment Features

● Significant filtration efficiency for aluminium refining.

● Simple filtration method to achieve high aluminium quality. 

● The CFB type foam ceramic filtration box is very economy during production and save the maintenance cost. 

Technical Parameters

Item Parameter
Max. Temperature of Molten Aluminium850℃
Outshell Surface Temperature≤70℃
 Lining Service Life≥18 Months 

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