In-line Hydrogen Analyzer
The In-line Hydrogen Analyzer is used to measure the hydrogen content in the molten aluminium during continually casting in casthouse. Make sure the composition of the molten is qualified before casting into ingot/slab/billet.
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Equipment Usage

The in-line hydrogen analyzer can direct analyze the hydrogen content in the molten aluminium, with high reliability and stability, it is a good helper for casthouse and foundry. With automatic analyzing method and easy portable capability, it is used wildly in casthouse. There are two ways to measure the hydrogen content, one is to measure in the aluminum and aluminum alloy casting launder, the other is to measure in the crucible of casting aluminum alloy. As a tool for quality assurance and process parameter design, the hydrogen analyzer can directly determine whether the hydrogen content of the product melt is lower than the expected level of the factory. 

Through the regular use of hydrogen analyzer, users can obtain a large number of hydrogen content data with significant statistics. Analyzing the relationship between these data and the working conditions of the factory process equipment, the purity and type of aluminum melt refining gas, and the local environmental humidity at the time of the factory can provide basic relevant information for the factory to improve product quality.

 Equipment Main Parameters

 Hydrogen content analyzing 
SensorThermosensitive hydrogen sensor
 Analyzing range/Precision0—9.99 ml∕100g0.001 ml∕100g
Analyzing Precision±0.01 ml∕100g or ±5%〔H〕
Analyzing Time (Auto)3-15 mins (Typical)
Analyzing Time (Manual)Max 60 mins (For science research)
Molten aluminium temperature measurement
SensorK type thermometer
Analyzing Range650-900℃,can continually analyze
Analyzing Precision±3℃
Environment temperature measurement
Analyzing range0-99℃

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