Aluminium Slags Skimmer
The Aluminium Slags Skimmer is used to remove the slags and dross float on the surface of the molten aluminium, the skimmer can be operated by worker and offer a better protection for your worker and requires less operator and it can also improve the slags removing efficiency.
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The aluminium slags skimmer is special designed and innovated by our most experienced engineer in aluminium industry. The skimmer was built to remove the slags on the surface of the molten aluminium and reduce the hydrogen and impurities content level in the molten aluminium and improve the quality of your product. During the slags removing process, the surface must be steady and make sure no new slags and impurities dissolve in the molten aluminium again. 

The traditional slags removing method by worker usually caused unsteady operation and let new slags dissolve in aluminium melts again, causing secondary pollution for the melts. And manual slags removing also requires a lot of labor with harsh environment for the worker. The automatic aluminium slags skimmer, can solve these problems properly and improve the efficiency. 

Equipment Features

● Reduce the skimming time to reduce the gas consumption

● Improve the thermal conductivity by removing the slags and dross to improve efficiency and easy for operating. 

● Reduce more slags and impurities redissolve in the molten aluminum and cause second pollution for molten aluminum.

● Speed up the raw material submerged in the molten aluminum and improve the melting rate

● Requires less manpower during skimming and improve the working environment

● Doesn’t requires forklift to work in front of the furnace and cause damage to the furnace.

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Technical Parameters

Max skimmer moving length4.5-5.5meters
Max skimmer moving speed0.6m/s
Max skimming weight400KGS
Max skimmer vertical moving speed40mm/s
Max refining depth0.8m
Repetitive positioning accuracy1mm
Max platform moving speed0.5m/s
Swing angle0-170°
Refining time0-30mins

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