Injection Refining Equipment
The injection refining unit is used in front of melting furnace. Through a tube to inject the flux into the melt, which can improve the quality of the molten aluminium and remove the slags and impurities.
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The injection refining equipment is used for refining, degassing and drossing of molten aluminum in a static furnace.

Equipment Features

• Good refining effects. The equipment has the advantages of  both gas refining and flux-refining.

• Low consumption of refining agent, and uniform feeding.

• Low metal loss. After proper flux-refining, there is less dross on the melt surface and the dross is loose.

• The metal is rarely encased and little metal is taken out during drossing.

Technical Parameters

Tank capacity 15L, 30, 50L
Refining gas typehigh-purity nitrogen or argon
Refining gas pressure 0.1-0.4MPa
Maximum refining gas flow300NL/min
Flux flow 0-3000g/min, adjustable
Flux size10-70 meshes

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