Hydeb participated in 2022 Aluminum in Dusseldorf in Germany

Jinan Hydeb Thermal Tech Co., Ltd., as a domestic company specializing in providing aluminum melting purification solutions, participated in the 2022 Aluminum Industry Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Hydeb is committed to providing global customers with the most advanced aluminum melting purification solutions and continually strives to improve production efficiency and product quality while maintaining its commitment to the environment. Hydeb's participation will showcase our latest product line, including molten aluminium transfer solutions for the recycled aluminum industry and aluminum smelting & casting solutions.

"We are extremely proud to participate in this exhibition and have the opportunity to showcase our latest products and technology to professional aluminum industry specialists worldwide," said the CEO and founder of Hydeb. "By participating in this exhibition, we hope to establish new business relationships, expand our global influence, and continue to provide excellent products and services to global customers."